Quick Facts

Property located in
Country: Canada
(Eastern Canada, Maritimes)
Province: Nova Scotia (NS)
County: Lunenburg
(on South Shore of NS)
Highway No: 332,
Lighthouse Route
House No.: 3845

Geo-Location of dwelling
64° 19' 34"  -  44° 17' 38"

Property Size 6.2 acres

Location, Location, Location ...

The property is located in Eastern Canada, on the South Shore of the Atlantic Province of Nova Scotia.


More percisely: In Lunenburg County, and within the historic seaside community of Riverport. 

Directly on Highway 332, the Lighthouse-Route, with the house number 3845.


Zooming into the above areal view, with the property highlighted in yellow:
Please note, that "upwards" is "North".


In the close-up below, the property is outlined with the yellow border:


More percise dimensions and coordinates can be read in the survey plan extraction below.
We had the property surveyed in year 1992.
Property size: 6.22 acres
Width on North end on Highway 332: 131.85 ft.
Width on South end: 88.04 ft.
Total Length: ~ 2766 ft.