Quick Facts


The combination of two images below show the long-shaped 6-acre property from a distance in which North is on the left and South on the right side.

view from sea with map
In the above view from the sea side, the dwelling on the North end of the property is hidden behind the trees (below white arrow) and the land is "running" on the horizon from left (North) to right (South).

For panoramic images from the property, click on a red view-point (hot-spot) in the bird's-eye image below:

across hwy in winter
Winter view from the house to the North. The garage to the right and the former Wentzell shop across the highway 332 on the sea side.

Below: Another winter view. From the bridge across Ritcey's Cove at low tide. Canada geese are feeding. Our dwelling at right, with the large former IOOF hall to the left at a distance.

winter view of house from across

fenster gaense
kayak in front of property
At the same location, right in front of the property, in the summer time: A sea kayaker's paradise. Riverport bridge in left of background.